Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8-15

It's harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions! Go check out the harvests! There's always something there to tempt you!

The acorn squash in here is the one that had a little twin. The little twin died and there is only a spot left there on this one next to the stem where it was. Too bad, that would have looked cool. Also got the first yellow pepper, but it appears to have had a little BER. And my little helper tried to take a bite out of it in the garden, you can see the indentation of his mouth! His favorite color is yellow! Yellow pepper! Yum!

Carrots, tomatoes, beans and one lonely radish I gave away. Those green tomatoes were picked by my happy pickin little helper! In my frustration, he says, "I helpin, mommy!"

pile of chard and yes it is riddle with bug holes. Nobody will notice after it is washed and cooked down.

I have only found a couple of these thank goodness, but geesh, I cold really do without borers! They are bad enough in the squash!

Probably the last of the decent sweet corn this week. And, Wednesday was the twins first day of kindergarten, and my sweet dh sent ME flowers!

Slowly addling a few dragon tongue beans to the stash.

Emptied out one of the potato tubs. Not much in it. They didn't do well for me. It was a learning experience. Hopefully I will do better next year, that is the great thing about gardening!
Basil, tomatoes and beans.


  1. Lovely harvest - looking at that basil is making me hungry - leaving aside the borers the corn looks great too.

  2. Nice harvests! I think my corn was done in by those dang borers too :(

    My nephew did the same thing this weekend. Picked all my moms green 'maters!

  3. Oh wow. I am drooling over your red juicy tomatoes. Like that sweet corns and cute carrots!Your chard looks so much better than mine. I hardly see any holes there, ours are bigger than the thumb ;-). Yup nobody will notice it once its cook.

  4. Darn borers are a real pain. You got some good looking corn thought despite them. Your corn is winding down and ours is just getting close to being ready for harvest. It's fun to see what other growing regions are like and the differences in timing of crops etc.

  5. Beautiful harvests! Sorry about the borers, but I'm glad they haven't gotten all of your corn!!! I'm still waiting on mine, so I'm super jealous of yours ;-)

  6. My twinks started Kindy this week too. Beautiful colors in your harvest. I always just break off the part the mean old bugs eat of the ear tips and cook 'em up anyway!

  7. Good looking harvests! I guess creepy crawly critters come with the territory if you like healthy veggies - better them than veggies doused in chemicals. I love the color of that corn.

  8. I wouldn't care about those holes in chard either. They can be easily cleaned and cooked! Your harvest looks great! I can tell you're organic too:)(Lots of bugs and slugs and borers) Me too!!

  9. Nice harvest. I could use some of that basil for my pesto! And your Swiss chard is beautiful, something I have had no luck with. Last year I planted chard 3 times and had the seedlings eaten, but the beets next to it were left alone.

    Potatoes are an adventure. My first experience with them was a volunteer in the compost pile. I let it grow and remember putting my hand into the compost pile (fully gloved, of course :-) and pulling out spuds. Maybe try filling a tub with compost next year to see if that makes a difference?

  10. Nice colorful harvest, I love those carrots, they look so cute.
    Darn borers, I've never grown corn maybe I should try one of these days, I heard something about pulling corn tassels for pollination? Well, I don't know anything about growing corn.

  11. Thanks All!
    Yes Barbie, I just cut the end off and cooked the corn up anyway! It was a perfectly good piece of corn! No way I'm wasting it, I put time and energy into it! Ha ha! ;)
    True RandomGardener, I have not used anything more than DE, BT, neem, or kitchen items in the past 3 years. Although some days it is tempting!
    Thank you Dave, I will remember your tips for next year!
    Thanks Mac, my daughter loved those "cute" little carrots too! I should grow more like that so she will chow down on them more! Though I did not do those on purpose, those were just the ones left behind from the larger harvest!