Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/8

It is harvest Monday at Daphnes Dandelions!

Carrots, acorn squash, and tomatoes.

Boxwood Basil

Critter damage! Grrr!

Had a couple of these, I thought it was some disease growth, but it appears to be a single kernel of corn. I had one of the Ruby Queen do this too.

Tomatoes, beans, basil.


Sugar Buns corn and Ruby Queen corn. This made for a delicious dinner that I took with me to my parents, they loved it! There are also my first 4 Dragon Tongue Beans in the bean pile.

Basket of tomatoes, some ripe some working on it.
Gave my mom some pepper seeds a couple of years ago, she planted it last summer in a pot in her back room and it overwintered in her back room, even had small peppers on it in the winter and then she planted it this spring and cut it back and it is a full healthy plant with lots of peppers.


  1. That corn is beautiful! I never grow corn in the garden. I have some popcorn growing this year, but it's not doing really well.

    Ha, I see that you have a hungry critter too! I hope that your critter doesn't decide to go around your garden and do a one or two bite sampling of anything it pleases!

    That pepper plant is amazing. Some other gardeners have potted a plant and it produced over the winter. I should try it.

  2. The corn looks beautiful (except for that single kernal one which was kind of weird!). Lots of plump beautiful tomatoes too. Nothing says summer like ripe tomatoes and sweet corn!

  3. That Ruby Corn looks really neat! I have never seen that before! I bet it tastes great!!

  4. Like everyone else I can't get over the corn. What does it taste like? Boxwood basil looks interesting - I'm not familiar with it at all, although it looks at bit similar to what i would call greek basil???

  5. Your mom's overwintered pepper looks great and I have never seen the 'single' corn before. I didn't know what I was looking at.

  6. Thank you gardening friends! Robin, I am growing popcorn this year too and it looks better than all the other corn! I think I may try bringing some peppers in too!

    The Ruby Queen corn is actually very good! I liked it and will grow it again! The sugar buns may actually be a little sweeter. I can't decide which one I like better. But they sure are yummy!

    Liz, the Boxwood basil is small and globe like, kind of like my Spicy Globe Basil. It is very pretty, but it is more tedious to pull all the leaves off the stems cause they are smaller than other basil's.