Monday, May 23, 2011

Harvest Monday 5/23

Pak Choi, ugly Strawberries, and peas.
My first attempt at pak choi wasn't super successful, but these were good, though not very big. They were getting ready to bolt. There are still a couple in the garden, but with this heat I don't expect them to stay out too long!
Peas and snap peas and a single strawberry. I have my strawberries in on of those topsy turvey things, and they don't seem to be doing any better than in a giant pot.

Some are super ugly, some are eaten by birds, going to cover them with some  net. But the plants don't even look to healthy. Maybe they are waterlogged from all the rain.
I got a bunch of corn planted on Saturday, and still have some seed, even though I ran out of garden space so I think I am going to till another section today to finish the planting. I would just store them, but I already soaked them. Almost everything is planted. I still have beans and squash to plant amongst the corn when it gets going a bit. Also cucumbers. I hope to be done with it all by the end of the week, but it is suppose to rain all week AGAIN. Doesn't make it too easy to get the garden chores done!

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Happy Harvesting!


  1. I hear ya on the rain! I laughed at your Strawberry comment :) They still look delish!

  2. Your pak choi looks good. I tried growing it this year, but it bolted really quick. I will try again in the fall. I bet the strawberries just need a little sun.

  3. Your pak choi looks great! My spring pak choi bolte when it was small. I am going to plant some more in the fall.

    Ugly strawberries are better then now strawberries!!

  4. I'm with Robin, ugly strawberries are better than no strawberries. I can't wait until I can let my strawberries set fruit.

  5. Well they must have been good enough, my kids scarfed them down. I didn't get any... But the pictures were of their best sides ;)

  6. Your Pak Choi look very nice. We have to share ours with those caterpillars.Hope we get some peas like yours.