Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do we do with all those Habanero Peppers?

Yesterday I decided we needed to get to using those Habaneros a little bit faster or get them frozen. So I did a little bit of both.

The first time I made Enchiladas using Habaneros was last summer at my moms. I wanted to make them my yummy chicken enchiladas and the only hot peppers they had were Habaneros. Well, we like hot stuff, so when they told me to only use one, I thought they were joking. I usually use about 7 serranos for a bowl of salsa! So, I used 2! Well, I learned my lesson. They were pretty spicy. I did alright with them, and DH loved them, but most everyone else at the table were gasping for breath, begging for milk or water and practically in tears! Ha! Not everyone can stand the heat!

Well, what did I decide to make for dinner last night? Enchiladas of course. Now, I didn’t feed these to my children, I made them plain ole quesadillas. They probably most definitely would cry, and we might get a visitor at our house for child abuse!  Well, maybe not that far. But I did only use one Habanero this time.

First, I diced up some habanero and onions from the garden and sautéed them up. I used habanero, but any spicy pepper will do!


After that I added the ground meat. We have used anything from Hamburger, pork, chicken, or turkey for ground meat. After the meat was browned, I added Enchilada sauce and Cream of Chicken.


Poured some into each tortilla with a bit of cheese and rolled them over.


Then covered them with the rest of the meat sauce and topped with cheese. Mmmmm! Good!


Oh ya! Ready to eat! Covered with Avocado, Salsa, and Black Olives with a side of beans. Mmmm! Good stuff!


Dh helped me use up some more Habanero by making a concoction for his lunch the next day. A sort of stir fry with Broccoli Slaw, green onions, yellow onions, chicken, and Habanero all sautéed together.


A little soy sauce added and honey. And here’s lunch!


I also made up some salsa for the Enchiladas using my tomatoes, Habanero, green onions, yellow onions and not enough cilantro from the garden! And garlic from the store.


In other garden stuff, yesterday I moved some pepper plants and I hope they make it and start producing something for me! These were over in the corner rock garden that had a bit of shade. The Black Beauty Pepper, an Orange Bell, Jalapeño, Habanero, and Serrano.


See the pumpkin vine traveling along in front of the peppers. Yes another carving pumpkin has shown up! We’ll see if we can get something out of this one! This part of the plant looks quite nice and healthy, but at the other end, where it was planted, it is shredded by svb damage. I decided to bury a couple of spots where it sent out shoots to try to encourage more rooting. Hope it works.

Yesterday I had a picture of some of these little buggers and eggs on my tomato plant. Well, yes, I do believe these are squash bug nymphs! ON MY TOMATOES! Grrr! They need to be taken care of and evicted from my garden! I thought they might look like it but was not quite sure since they were on my tomato plant. Unless someone suggests something else, I’m going with squash bug!


Well this is long enough already! If you read this far, Happy Gardening and Thanks!


  1. Shawn Ann, that enchilada looks so delicious, especially in that pan covered with meat sauce and cheese. So does your husbands lunch! Love seeing all the different ways that you're using your habanero. Are you saving any seeds? Would you consider a seed trade for next year?

    Sorry to see that bug on your tomato, but I'm not familiar enough with squash bugs to tell for sure. I hope you got rid of it!

  2. I have saved just a few seeds for my friend...we usually throw the whole thing in seeds and all! We like heat around here! Ha! But I could save ya a few! I'd love a seed trade!

  3. That would be great! Yes, please save a few for me, and when I get my own seeds organized later (probably later this fall), I'll email you with a list and you can pick out the ones you'd like. Thanks!

  4. You do like it hot? That looks like a fierce chilli - Hope you enjoyed them, beautiful photos made me feel hungry and it's only 9am here!

  5. Oooh, enchiladas! What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing! I think you're right that there must be different kinds of scotch bonnet. This plant was given to us by a Haitian friend, who loves hot peppers.