Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crepe Myrtles and Flowers

Last year we ordered a Dynamite Crepe Myrtle and planted it in the front yard where our 25 + ft Blue Spruce once stood before storm damage. Well, come summer, the Crepe Myrtle began to bloom and we got this beautiful white Crepe Myrtle, not Dynamite. So, we called the company to replace it and we moved this one to the back next to the Weigela. It has done beautifully there.


However, in the back, near the shed wall, there are some bright pink blooms. Now, I am either guessing that either, there are two different trees here, or, it gets too much shade by the wall, causing the color change. If you look closer at the picture above I put an arrow in to point out where it could be two different trees coming from the ground. Although, we did not have two bloom colors last year, it was all white. Hmmmm.


I took a closer look, and the leaves do really look different. The ones in the circle on the bottom appear more rounded on the ends and shorter, while the leaves in the top circle appear longer and more pointed. Maybe we will try to separate it and see what happens.


Now, for the “Dynamite” Crepe Myrtle, I am having trouble believing this is the right variety! It still looks pink if you ask me! Dh says that the ones that say Dynamite at Lowes look this color, so he thinks it is the right variety. I do also remember reading that sometimes they can start out a different color, but now that I go trying to research it, I can’t find anything! I want RED!!!!! I hope it resolves itself!


Do you remember the 6 feet tall orange cosmos I had last year? Well, these are what came of it reseeding itself this year. Only a couple of feet tall, and more yellow than orange! I guess the seeds are not true to the original. But, I think I kind of prefer the smaller more yellow variety! I only have a couple, I did not replant those giants this year!


This is one of my more favorite beds below. It needs a little sprucing, but I love the overall mixture of flowers and plants. I have Arborvitae, Azalea right on the corner of the deck there, 2 Moon Beam Coreopsis which have filled out beautiful this year, 5 Fire star Dianthus (not currently blooming, but red), red and white impatiens, there are a few lilies dying off next to the round Arborvitae. I really like the different colors of green here.


Tomorrow, for Harvest Monday, I will be showing off my pumpkins! But today, I will show off what I made with some of the puree! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! Mmmmm. I really like them. I think next time I might add some more pumpkin pie spices, but they are good and almost gone as you can see!  I read all the comments on the recipe linked above and used some of the suggestions, like adding all the pie spices, and using apple sauce instead of oil. They were nice and cake like! Mmm!


I also gave Eli his first Pumpkin mixed with a little Coconut Milk Yogurt. He ate it right up! Good stuff! He had eggplant this week too. If he continues to like eggplant, I just may have to grow him some next year! I wish I could learn to like them, they are so pretty! Pretty things should taste good don’t ya think!

Well, I will have lots to share tomorrow for Harvest Monday! Looking forward to seeing all the new harvests this week!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Hi Shawn Ann - your flowers look so beautiful! I'm impressed that you grow so many non-vegetables and vegetables in your garden.

    I wanted to let you know that I posted the link to the pizza crust recipe in my comments - it's from smitten kitchen. I would've emailed it to you, but I couldn't find it on your blog (I understand that not everyone posts their email address on their blog).

    Those pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look so delicious. Keith actually bought a dozen of them from the grocery store this weekend, because he couldn't resist the look of them. I bet the homemade ones taste a hundred times better!