Monday, August 16, 2010

Havest Monday

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions! Join in the fun!

Like most folks the tomatoes seem to be taking a break with all the heat and lack of rain. But, for the past 3 or 4 days we have had at least one good downpour every day so hopefully the plants and especially the seedlings are enjoying it. And the temperatures are suppose to go down a bit this week. Hopefully the tomatoes will pick back up again! Although, I have found more tomato worms this year than I have in the past 4 years since I have been in this house. Uhg! It is so disappointing to see that you have a nice red tomato ready to be picked only to pick it and find the bottom or other side half gone!
IMG_2239_1 IMG_2250 IMG_2270_1
I cooked up the 3rd pumpkin and froze most of it, but I kept some out for some more Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. Mmmmm. There Gone! I have about 9 cups frozen with 3 pumpkins on the vine.
IMG_2271 IMG_2273 IMG_2274_1
I also keep coming in with random onions or carrots! That is because every time I go out to pick at least one kid proudly presents me with their bounty! 1 onion. They keep telling me they are ready and I keep telling them I’M NOT! Ha!
On this day, my boy decided that their one and only carving pumpkin was ready to be picked! Between squash bugs, SVB’s, squash lady bugs, and kids….we’ll never have a carving pumpkin. Guess this one is bound to be fall decor!
IMG_2297_1 IMG_2298_1
And since most days when I pick my harvests the Habaneros are still green, I thought I would show a basket of them all bright and full of color! They sure are pretty!
Total Harvest 2010

Variety This Weeks Total Season Total
Lemon Cucumber 4 20 ea
American Genuine Cucumber 10 ea
Oregano 1 baggie dried + 1 quart
Spicy Bush and Reg Basil 1 pt 6 baggies dried +2qt
Sebring Zucchini 5 ea
8 Ball zucchini 17 ea
Black Beauty Zucchini 21 ea
Bush Beans 1 pt 25 quarts
Lettuce (mixed pckg) 2-4 lbs
Bright Lights Chard 8 Bunches
Cabbage (mixed pckg) 4 ea
Evergreen Bunching Onion 2 20 plus a few cuttings
Yellow Onion 11 58 ea (small)
Broccoli 4 heads
Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomato 51 357ea
Red Cherry Tomato 41 157 ea
German Johnson Tomato 3 ea
Pink Girl Tomato 4 28 ea
Prudens Purple 2 26 ea
Rutgers Tomato 3 21 ea
Big Boy Tomato 4 20 ea
Strawberries 2 ea
Cosmic Purple Carrot 4 ea
Sweet treat hybrid/Petite ‘n Sweet carrots 21 54 ea
Jalapeno Pepper 5 ea
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper 1 ea
Habanero Pepper 16 22 ea
Serrano Pepper 3
Lincoln and Alaskan Peas 2 cups 1/4 cup
Ambrosia Melon 3
Harvest Princess Pumpkin 1 very small 1
Small Sugar Pumpkin 3

Planted this week: Bush Beans, Peas, carrots, Lettuce, Chard, Spinach.


  1. least the little pumpkin is pretty! Oh, those habaneros are hot!!!

  2. A daily downpour sounds great! You say your tomatoes are taking a break, but I still see lots of them in your pictures. Oh, and those pumpkin cookies tease me again, right when I've got a hankering for something sweet and yummy in my tummy. :-) Your habaneros look pretty - are they hothothot? How do you incorporate them into your cooking?

  3. thyme2garden-the larger ones are slowing down. I haven't gotten any ripe ones in several days. The juliet is non stop and not a favorite!

  4. I love those haberanos. They are so beautiful. I'd be scared to death of them though.

    I wish we would get some rain. We have only had about an inch of rain in the last month which is really unusual for us.