Monday, August 2, 2010

Harvest Monday! Aug 2, 2010

I’ve done a little harvesting and a little garden clean up this week. The tomatoes are slowing down a bit…except for those Juliets! I can’t say they are my favorite! They are good for Bruschetta but not for plain eating!

Thanks to Daphne at Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday!

Here I have some Big Boy Tomatoes, the first small Ambrosia melon, Juliets, Cherry tomatoes, and a couple Royal Burgundy Beans.


An 8 Ball Zucchini below. I decided to leave that one plant out there because it still seems to be producing, despite the SVB damage it has suffered. It has another one or two on it out there right now. The Lemon Cucumbers are starting to pick up now too. Last year I had more than enough American Genuine and the Lemon cucumbers were barely producing. This year I am getting more Lemon Cucumbers than American Genuine and the AG’s look terrible! There is some Basil and a couple tiny carrots in the pile too!


Went out for some onions last minute to add to a meal. Yes they are puny, but they still work!


A nice harvest on this day. A bunch of beans, onions, the first Habanero, juliet’s, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. The longer skinnier carrots are the Sweet Treat Hybrid and the shorter fatter ones are the Petite and sweet. Dh says that the short fat ones are better tasting. Too bad I just planted more of the skinny ones and less of the fat ones! It’s funny that when he took them to eat at work, someone had no idea what they were. How easy everything is nowadays that we can have our carrots, washed, cut, peeled and bagged for us to the point that we don’t even know what one looks like when it is first harvested!


The next day I picked the second Habanero and a Lemon Cucumber.


The habaneros and a bunch of tomatoes from the last couple of weeks went into 2 Quarts of Peach Habanero Salsa. The verdict is….it needs something. He doesn’t know what, but it needs something. Maybe more sweetness. Guess we will have to try again. We will have plenty of Habaneros.


Here, another quart of beans, a quart of basil leaves, Lots of Juliets! 2 AG cucumbers, Lemon Cucumber, Prudens Purple, Rugers, and Cherry tomatoes.


Today, I went out DETERMINED to pick the first Sugar Pumpkin. It is practically all orange with a few green veins on the bottom. But, I reluctantly decided to leave it on until they were gone! :(

So, I trimmed up the Oregano BUSH! Ha! More Juliets! A Rutgers and a very tiny Prudens Purple! And, another Habanero, that sadly has a hole eaten out of the bottom! I will still use it! Wonder what in the world could have handled eating that kind of heat!


My Gloxinia is blooming! Beautiful! I love it! I cannot believe this thing has not died!  Every time I thought it had, I kept it anyways and just kept finding new spots for it to see if it would come back! Sure enough! I just need to not water this thing!


Yesterday, I cleaned out the bean box! I pulled a bunch of them. The ones in the middle were just plain done for. I tried to just trim up the Royal Burgundy and a couple of Providor Beans. And I trimmed up the Basil plants as well. They made it surprisingly! Even after being buried in all those Beans! Now that they have a little light maybe they will take off!


DH found this little critter roaming around the front yard! Don’t know where it could have come from, there are not tomatoes or anything up there. I assume it is a kind of tomato worm.  Maybe something else? He didn’t make it long… 


Bye Bye!


2010 Harvest Totals

Lemon Cucumber 9 ea
American Genuine Cucumber 9 ea
Oregano 1 baggie dried + 1 quart
Spicy Bush and Reg Basil 6 baggies dried +1qt
Sebring Zucchini 5 ea
8 Ball zucchini 15 ea
Black Beauty Zucchini 21 ea
Bush Beans 24 quarts
Lettuce (mixed pckg) 2-4 lbs
Bright Lights Chard 8 Bunches
Cabbage (mixed pckg) 4 ea
Evergreen Bunching Onion 10 plus a few cuttings
Yellow Onion 37 ea (small)
Broccoli 4 heads
Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomato 234 ea
Red Cherry Tomato 97 ea
German Johnson Tomato 3 ea
Pink Girl Tomato 23 ea
Prudens Purple 6 ea
Rutgers Tomato 5 ea
Big Boy Tomato 7 ea
Strawberries 2 ea
Cosmic Purple Carrot 4 ea
Sweet treat hybrid/Petite ‘n Sweet carrots 29 ea
Jalapeno Pepper 5 ea
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper 1 ea
Habanero Pepper 3 ea
Lincoln and Alaskan Peas 2 cups 1/4 cup
Ambrosia Melon 1


  1. Wonderful harvest! I'm with you on Juliets. I just don't see why so many people like them. I find the flavor leaves a lot to be desired, and they're so small they're a pain to use as a paste tomato. I have one plant this year, a volunteer. I should have pulled the darned thing, but I let it grow. Of course, it's loaded with tomatoes. One thing about them, they sure are prolific!

  2. EG would love the offing of the THworm picture!

    I don't know where you find the time for your gardening. You're amazing.

  3. Oh how I love ambrosia melons. I grew them one year, but most years it is really hard to get them to ripen here.

  4. Granny, yes those are some tough little tomatoes! I don't plan on growing them again!

    Ribbit, I am sure he would love it more if I was squishing it with bare hands....ewwww! (That is DH cutting him up though.) And I don't know how I have time to garden either...dh will probably tell you that it shows on the inside! But I say, that gardening is what naptime is for!

    Daphne, I have tried growing them the past couple of years and they have been very small and I don't get very many. A couple at most!

  5. Goodness, the pictures of your harvests just kept going as I scrolled down further and further. You sure have a productive garden. How was the flavor of your ambrosia melon? That worm, I had no idea how big it was until I saw the picture of it with the death scissors - monster sized!

  6. Great harvest! I must say I am generally not too squeamish about offing the garden pests/bugs, but that last photo has me squirming! LOL!

  7. You've got a great harvest going on! Peach habanero sounds really good!

  8. You have such a wonderful harvest! Lucky you to have such freshness at your beck and call. We have had no luck with a veggie garden in the past two years so this year we just stuck with tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers. The only luck we had were the cucumbers but not many so not much luck really with those either. The gourds are starting to produce for me now so maybe I will have some to pass along to crafters or craft with myself if I get the urge....