Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking Flight!

Robins and Butterflies
We had an exciting morning today. We have had a Robin's next over the back porch light for several weeks now. My daughter noticed a broken robin's egg on the ground below and they got to see the birds hatch right out of their eggs. Momma bird and I think daddy bird too have been watching them very closely and every time we went out one or both would be waiting on the fence for us to go away so they could carry the babies their worms. Wish I had got a picture of them right out of their eggs, but I didn't. I took this photo a few days later. They grow super fast.

 Then I took this photo a few days after the last one. It sure was getting tight in that nest!
And this morning as I was going out to the garden they jumped out of the nest as soon as I opened the door. They didn't go far so I was able to show the kids and get pictures of each of them.
1st bird
second bird, this one was able to fly a little further than the other two, they mostly hopped.

Third bird.
 We also have been caring for some caterpillars we found in the carrots. We have been keeping them full on carrot greens. Notice the 2 caterpillars and one cocoon in the upper back.

 This morning one was hatched and there are two more cocoons. I think we will get a butterfly house today instead of the bug house. Seems a bit small for her. She probably won't stay in there long anyway, dd wants to release her soon. What a good girl! She really wants the butterfly and the birds to fly together.

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  1. Oh, how exciting!!! I was so disappointed when we had the robin eggs in the nest in the grapevine and then they were gone and no little birds. Nancy