Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday July 16

Check out Daphne's Dandelions to see what others are harvesting! I always find great ideas for new things to try!
I pulled the rest of the sizable potatoes, not a ton of the Irish Cobbler, a bit more Red la Soda and about 3 Kennebec. The Kennebec were the ones in the potato bag tub. They were planted last year, did not do well, left some in there and they grew back really well. I was hoping to get some decent potatoes. But, several of the ones I did pull were rotten and soggy. Only a couple were good, and nothing of good size. Overall the Red la Soda did the best. I did leave some tiny ones, hopefully they will come back next year.

The first of the red bells were picked. One had sun-scold. I am not really a fan of the crookneck squash, it is kinda seedy and spongy. It will be going into something like zucchini bread.

Trimmed the purple basil a little, not much for using so I have left it to dry on a waxy paper plate. All the beans so far have been eaten. They are not doing well. The bed is looking fuller and greener but I am still getting a lot of hollow beans and some are just turning brown and dying while small. Any suggestions to help this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and the "first" tomatoes. 3 Matt's Wild Cherry and an Early Girl, that has BER.  The summer squash will be coming to an end here soon. The SVB's have done their work on them and the rain knocked them all down. They are too damaged to do surgery on so I am just going to let them go as long as they will and then get the bed ready for some fall planting! Yippee!
Now, I am off on a trip to TN with the kids and I will see how her garden in the woods is doing. She has finally moved it and is now using raised beds and homemade self watering containers. She tells me she has tomatoes and peppers in those topsy turvey type hangers and they are doing really well. I will have to see for myself as I had strawberries in one that did not do well at all.


  1. What a nice variety of harvests! I have no idea what is going on with your beans.

    Have a safe trip!

  2. That's a good harvest despite your problems. Not sure on the beans unless it's the heat. Love those Red LaSoda's that was the only potato I grew in TX and it was prolific.

  3. Nice potatoes, I don't my potato plants are doing anything, I try to steal couple to see the size, none! I dug in and not a single potato >"<

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  5. Pickles are looking really good, pickles are my favorite and after reading this post i am going to garnish vegetables like this in my business of kitchen and home garden too.

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