Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Garden Tour

The garden is doing pretty well considering the heat, drought and our traveling. I have a total of 8 raised beds and 4 plots along the fence for corn. I have been trying to keep it good and watered though our record breaking recent temps! A few things have gotten burned, but overall pretty good. Especially for not starting ANYTHING indoors this year.
View from the NW side of the garden. The second planting of corn. Potato tub in bottom corner, it did not do well. I pulled the potatoes out of it today and most of them were soggy and rotten or small.

Picture taken in same direction just on other side of corn. These are the four 4X4 boxes with a 2X4 along the fence.

Bean bed, trellis and sunflower. The Japanese beetles have devoured most the plants on the trellis.

Another view of the beans, I planted more seeds in all the bare spots to fill it in.

Pepper bed with a few carrots, one Matt's wild cherry that popped up on its own and a purple basil.

Sweet potatoes, cucumber and more beans on the edges.

1 crookneck squash and 2 black beauty zucchini plants, all quite large. More beans planted in between.

Early Girl on rt and chocolate cherry on left with 2 small black beauty zucchini plants on the back corners and 2 sweet potato plants, and some new bean seedlings in the bare spots. I had to pick and throw away several Early girls because after we returned I gave them a good watering and they inevitably got end rot. But I have been keeping them well watered since and most of the ones remaining look fine!

The first planting of corn. Some are getting tassels. This is Ruby Queen, a maroon colored corn that we tried last year and really liked it!

The tomato plants are quite behind, I planted them by seed after it had warmed and did not start them inside. I am sure I will get some but probably much later. Plus this ridiculous heat has not helped them! Plus the beds are looking a bit bare because I just pulled all the potatoes out of them. There are also 2 sweet potatoes and a few carrots.

This one has three more small tomato plants and some carrots. I pulled all the potatoes I could find out of this bed too. There were a decent amount of Red la Soda potatoes but not too many Irish Cobbler. A little disappointing. But I still did better with potatoes this year than last year in the bags.

Another view of the 4X4s

And in the other direction the 4X8s and the one full of green is the raspberry bed and it is 3X8

If I get cranberries this year it will be the first year. Those little dark red things are cranberries but they look a bit dried out after the hot dry weather so we will see.

Along the deck is the cranberry, and strawberry plants alternating with  blueberry and azaleas. There are 3 blueberry's that we got about 5 berries off of this year. Maybe better next year!
I forgot the herb pot. It is looking pretty pitiful after all the heat and drought but it looks like it could recover. It has 3 thyme plants, oregano, and rosemary.

Well, this is the preview to what is to come! Many of the tomatoes will be a surprise. I planted seeds for a Pink Brandywine, and a White tomato, I do not know which ones made it and which did not. And a few have popped up that may be Black Cherry tomato and/or Cherokee purple. I am hoping for a Cherokee purple, but at least 2 of them look like cherry. Hopefully no more Matt's wild cherry because those are popping up all over the place around the 2X4 along the fence! Enough is enough. But my dd does love them cause they are so small and cute. We will see soon enough!
Happy Gardening!


  1. Beautiful garden tour! Thanks. You will have a wonderful harvest! Nancy

  2. Thanks for the tour! I didn't realize your garden was so large.

  3. Glad to meet another former Michigander! We still miss it. Beautiful state. I grew up near AuGres and we lived in Pt. Huron for over 30 years before moving here. Nancy