Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garlic Harvested

The garden is showing some serious signs of stress since I have been gone and it has been HOT and DRY. Hope some things manage to survive with a little tlc!

I planned to harvest the garlic when I got back, it was all pretty much brown and ready.

I am so thrilled! It is all so big and beautiful! The type is Music garlic. I have it all tied up and ready to be dried in a shady spot!

I also picked my first crookneck squash. It is quite large.

And I guess while we were gone I caught the critter that has been digging up my corn! This must have been a torturous death! By the time I found him he was all dried out and hollow and his parts falling off. Was not a sight I expected to find, but I hope this teaches his friends a lesson! STAY AWAY FROM MY CORN!


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