Friday, June 15, 2012

Beginning of Summer picking

I have been getting a little here and there for a while but things are starting to pick up and the beds are filling up fast with nice green plants.
the raspberries are doing well, I am getting a nice sized bowl every other day or more. Enough for each of us to have a cup full!

These were last years plants and I finally went ahead and pulled them they were getting ready to bolt. A little oregano on the side.

I picked the first beans of the season today. Not enough for a family of five but my daughter will snack on them raw!
Some of my friends just beginning to start their gardens this year often ask what are some of the easiest plants to start with.  Tomatoes are a good start and summer squash but I think beans are pretty easy too! You just have to plant a lot of them to get a good yield for a family to eat a meal. But, they can be planted pretty close. I get a lot of beans in one 4X4 bed!

Today I finished planting up the corn...well, that is until I have to replant again because the chipmunks are digging them up! I am pretty sure that is what is doing it. I have bird netting over the corn for now, not much can get in there, but holes keep popping up around the corn beds and I am thinking chipmunk! Darn buggers. Thinking maybe before I plant anymore I will put a bunch of cayenne pepper in the holes with the corn. That oughta teach them!


  1. Looking good! I think that the cayenne pepper is a great idea!

  2. gek inzichtelijke bericht. Was het maar zo makkelijk om een ​​aantal van de oplossingen te implementeren zoals het was om te lezen en mijn hoofd knikken op elk van uw punten