Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh The Madness!

Last week, I mistakenly bought more cabbage seeds when I really needed more Cauliflower seeds. And for some reason I had already gotten a bunch wet. So, I put them on a wet paper towel on a plate and stuck it in a baggy to let them germinate. This is what is left after I put 18 in cell packs seen below! I hate hate hate to waste perfectly good seedlings!  I think there will be lots of cabbages planted sporadically all through out my yard this year! Ha ha! And, I have offered some to a friend who will hopefully use some! Let's just say, I still have more outside in containers that I had already planted before I made this oops! Good thing I can freeze cabbage! Plus, I probably shouldn't worry about it too much, cause who knows how many will actually make it!


  1. My goodness girl...you will have enough cabbage to open a stand at a farmer's market!!

  2. Ack! Cabbage overload! Maybe a young cabbage harvest can be added to salads and stuff.