Monday, February 7, 2011

DDC Wks 8 and 9

Getting a bit behind in blogging lately with unexpected travel, the winter dragging on and on and on....So, this week I have to catch up on my 2 DDC posts. Last weeks was a tough one. There really isn't much to do with cube steak and having as a local meal made it even harder. We fried it up and had it with green beans. Yep, I am running out of green beans. I have 2 bags left in the freezer! As for cube steak, local or not, it is definitely not something I really enjoy. But dh did a great job frying it up in some local flour. Pretty simple.
 This weekend we hit the farmer's market and noticed some baggies of dried beans, so I thought pork and beans! Dh bought some pork loins and a package of bacon to go with our dried beans. I started all of it on low in the crock pot this morning, beans on the bottom, then the pork loin topped with a few strips of bacon all covered in water. I added some garlic, salt and Bourbon Barrel Pepper about an hour before it was ready. It was done just in time for dinner and the baby boy and I loved it! So, we packaged some up and took some warm over to DH at work for his dinner! Thought it would be better than a can of soup! It does look like mush, but it sure was delicious! Tender and juicy and full of flavor!

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