Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I thought we were past this!

I thought we were done with SVB's for the season! The pumpkin and squash plants had started to recover from their damage earlier in the season. Everything I was reading said that July was when they stopped for the season around here, but no. I came home from my trip yesterday to find my last two pumpkins covered in squash bug nymphs and these....grrrrrrr! Notice the two of them peeking out, one by the stem, and one down to the right. 

There were three little buggers in one of the pumpkins, but was not about to let them ruin my pumpkin! I cut them out and cooked up the pumpkin and ran the svb's down the garbage disposal. Hope it chewed em right up! Only the one small section of the pumpkin was ruined. The rest was just fine.
That was the last of my sugar pumpkins for the year. There is one Harvest Princess pumpkin still growing out there. Not real big yet, but we'll see what we get. I guess I better keep a closer eye on it! My baby girl wants a carving pumpkin! GRRRRR! SVB's! 


  1. Oh god...that would definitely ruffle my feathers, for sure! Bugs are such a pain....

  2. ARG! They are so gross! Glad you were able to recover the pumpkin, if for nothing other than spite!