Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvest Monday Sept 6, 2010

It's Harvest Monday again at Daphne's Dandelions! Come show off your harvest!
This week I returned home to a decent harvest with only a bit of disappointment, finding the SVBs in the pumpkin. But overall, I returned home to find my garden pretty much as I had left it, hot and dried out! Not much rain around here, with one of the longest stretches of hot weather in recent history. Some things seem to be doing well, while other things just aren't producing like they have before. Like the tomatoes. I wish I had kept a tally of last years tomato count, but it just doesn't feel like I am getting as many as I did last year. I'm talking large tomatoes, not those Juliet grapes that seem to be everywhere and in every photo! I know many of you are experiencing the same thing. I just hope there is enough time left to get some more before they are all done for the year. I'll tell ya what I am hoping to get for Christmas this year...a small irrigation system for my raised beds. Dh has mentioned one he has noticed at Lowes that might work for my beds. Ha, a garden girl can hope can't she?

I took a bunch of Juliet tomatoes to my moms to put in her dehydrator, that is them behind the baby watermelons. They are STRONG! Gonna have to find some use for them, cause they are too strong for munching in my opinion. I did add some to a pasta one night, it was good, but the tomatoes needed to be cooked a bit longer.
I also picked my only two watermelon. They were small and they really didn't look great to me, but the kids ate them, so as long as they were used, I feel validated in growing them!

The last of the carrots. Ihave some more planted, but I don't know what if anything we will get out of them.

VarietyThis Weeks TotalSeason Total
Lemon Cucumber
23 ea(season total)
American Genuine Cucumber
11 ea (season total)
Oregano1 baggie dried + 1 quart
Spicy Bush and Reg Basil1 pt 7 baggies dried +3qt
Sebring Zucchini5 ea(season total)
8 Ball zucchini17 ea(season total)
Black Beauty Zucchini21 ea(season total)
Bush Beans2qt28 quarts
Lettuce (mixed pckg)2-4 lbs
Bright Lights Chard8 Bunches
Cabbage (mixed pckg)4 ea(season total)
Evergreen Bunching Onion733 plus a few cuttings
Yellow Onion474 ea (total for season)
Broccoli4 heads (season total)
Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomato88549 ea
Red Cherry Tomato36244 ea
Total Tomatoes33145 ea
Watermelons22 ea (season total)
Kaleidescope Pepper3 ea
Orange Sun Bell Pepper
1 ea
Strawberries2 ea
Cosmic Purple Carrot4 ea (season total)
Sweet treat hybrid/Petite ‘n Sweet carrots1274 ea
Jalapeno Pepper5 ea
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper1 ea
Habanero Pepper1156 ea
Serrano Pepper3039
Lincoln and Alaskan Peas2 cups 1/4 cup
Ambrosia Melon3
Harvest Princess Pumpkin1
Small Sugar Pumpkin26 ea (season total)
2 sprigs


  1. I finally ripped out my volunteer Juliet, and I swear I'll never grow another. They're too small to be of any use, as far as I'm concerned. I must have tossed out at least 500 green Juliets, after picking a bucket full of ripe ones.

    Your harvested veggies look really good! You have a very nice variety.

  2. Your tomatoes just won't quit! What a great varieties of everything. You and I probably had very similar weather this summer. It's been way too hot and dry for the poor garden!

  3. Yes Granny, I do not plan on planting that Juliet again. The kids won't even eat them anymore!

    Thyme, yes the tomatoes had a little spurt this week. I hope I can get one more spurt before they are done! Yes, hot and dry!

  4. i just wish i can grow those varieties of vegetables as well as yours.. but im suffering from dry spell on my garden.. that's why i am trying to install a good garden irrigation system to see if it can help..

  5. Well to me it looks like you had a great tomato harvest. And I'm so sad about the SVB. I quit growing pumpkins because of them. Now I only grow butternuts that are resistant.

  6. What a great looking harvest! I have tried time and again to grow carrots, but I still haven't had any luck with them. When did you plant the ones that are shown in your harvest pictures?

  7. Prairie Cat - I planted them sometime in the spring. I think maybe march, I might have to look back to be sure! But they are taking forever and some are decent size and some are not. I think I didn't space or thin appropriately...lesson learned! Plus I planted them with my pumpkins and melons so I wonder if all the shade from the vines helped them a bit. Hmmm, don't know. My second planting is only showing about 2 plants, planted in August I think.