Monday, September 27, 2010

Harvest Monday Sept 27, 2010

I only harvested twice from the garden this week. It has slowed significantly. Last week we had record highs in the 90's with low's still in the 70's overnight. This week we are in the 70's for highs and lows are in the 50's. What a difference. The beans are still producing well. The peppers are changing colors slowly.  I have had a few bell peppers fall off this week, this one in the top picture was salvageable. 
In this picture there are 3 JalapeƱos that have FINALLY turned red! They took forever! And they are all disfigured a little but hopefully still usable!  I also picked the red Purple Beauty Bell that just doesn't look all that great. The plant has not done well for me. It has had a lot of BER and just has not recovered well or done well in the dry heat. But, I'll cut it open and see how it looks and if the kids will eat it, I'll let them! (They are the pepper snackers!)
This whole branch of Kaleidescope pepper was broken off this morning when I went out. And all the peppers on it wilted. Seems that something more was wrong with it that just being broken off, cause I would think I would have still been able to use the peppers, but no, something wilted them.
There are quite a few very nice sized tomatoes out there that I hope have enough time to ripen. It has been such a disappointing tomato season, and just now when the plants are producing a good bunch of healthy looking tomatoes, when the season is almost done and I may run out of time! Just a few more tomatoes please!
I am also fighting a critter in my garden. I thought maybe it was a cat, cause we have a few wandering our neighborhood. But the neighbor has seen a possum hanging around our yard! What ever the critter, it is digging in my freshly planted seedlings in my raised beds, digging them up, and trying to make itself a bed in my garden! I wonder if he is the one that broke my pepper plant! Now I need to figure out how to keep a possum out!

Happy Harvesting and don't forget to visit Daphne's Dandelions for more featured Harvests!
Harvest Totals 2010
VarietyThis Weeks TotalSeason Total
Lemon Cucumber
23 ea(season total)
American Genuine Cucumber
11 ea (season total)
7 baggie dried + 1 quart
Spicy Bush and Reg Basil1 bag10 baggies dried +3qt
Sebring Zucchini5 ea(season total)
8 Ball zucchini17 ea(season total)
Black Beauty Zucchini21 ea(season total)
Bush Beans2qt34 quarts
Lettuce (mixed pckg)2-4 lbs
Bright Lights Chard8 Bunches
Cabbage (mixed pckg)4 ea(season total)
Evergreen Bunching Onion
90 (season total)
Yellow Onion
74 ea (total for season)
Broccoli4 heads (season total)
Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomato33617 ea
Red Cherry Tomato
244ea(season total)
Total Tomatoes3168 ea
2 ea (season total)
Kaleidescope Pepper14 ea
Orange Sun Bell Pepper14 ea
Strawberries2 ea
Cosmic Purple Carrot4 ea (season total)
Sweet treat hybrid/Petite ‘n Sweet carrots
74 ea
Jalapeno Pepper38 ea
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper12 ea
Habanero Pepper777 ea
Serrano Pepper1990
Lincoln and Alaskan Peas2 cups 1/4 cup
Ambrosia Melon3
Harvest Princess Pumpkin1
Small Sugar Pumpkin
6 ea (season total)
2 sprigs


  1. Very nice harvest! I've never seen wilted peppers before - what a pity, they seem very beautiful and healthy besides that. The beans look flawless!!!

  2. mmmmmbeans.....I may just get enough for a meal this week. I'm so excited. Yours seem to be doing so well all summer and I've ben envious.

  3. I can feel your pain with the possum's antics. We had a deer come in last week and help itself to some chard. I don't know about you, but I'm not trying to feed the whole animal kingdom. ;-)

    You have lovely photos of some colorful veggies!

  4. b/p - thanks. Hopefully the rest of them will turn out just fine. There are still a few on the plant.

    Ribbit-oh, last year, I did NOT plant enough beans, so I was sure to plant plenty of beans and a succession crop as well! I am glad I did, it went well!

    villager, ha no, I don't want to feed the animals either! JUST ME! Ha! I had something eating on my chard too, but it is looking a bit better this week, as long as the critter doesn't dig them up! It gets real close! And thanks!

  5. Oh I hate when the rodents take residence. The groundhogs and squirrels really took their toll on my garden this year. I wonder if the possum likes worms and is digging them up?

  6. I've also got some wilting peppers. I am not sure it is the same problem as yours. In my case it seems to be cause by heat stress in plants with large fruit. I am finding that those peppers are really sweet and good for cooking, so when I'm just using them.

  7. I agree with Ribbit, your beans have been so colorful and prolific this summer! I hope you get enough warm days for those tomatoes to ripen and that you outsmart the mystery critter somehow!