Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Maybe a bit early, I don't know, but Jacob and I transplanted some broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage outside yesterday. They are pretty tiny too, so maybe I ought to put some milk jugs over them if they haven't been eaten already.
Jacob sure does like helping me in the garden A LOT! It is really hard to keep him away and he is also all boy so it is really hard for him to be gentle and delicate with the plants, big or small!
But he sure does love it! He is very excited because his peas are coming up pretty good....despite something digging around in my garden and pooping in it!
Just thought I would add an updated photo of my little man! Growing like a wild flower! I  prefer not to think of him as a weed...I don't like weeds! Grrrr!
Dh is getting ready to mow for the first time this season today! And then he is gonna put down some grass seed in our bare spots and hopefully they don't get washed away!
And this is how some of the seedlings are going...some need bigger pots. Not enough time in my day!


  1. Hey, you do what you can do. I love it that they boy will help you and your little one is getting quite handsome.

  2. Thanks for the updated pic of the little one. He's adorable. I don't think it's too early to transplant those things in the garden....