Sunday, March 14, 2010

First seedlings

Last week the kids had a playdate and we planted seeds. These are the first seedlings of the year. Mammoth Sunflower, Black Beauty Zucchini, and Sugar Baby Watermelon. I love the feeling you get when you see those first seedlings come up! New life! New season! New start!
So far I have two trays set up with seeds in 19 cell packs. I have planted the Habanero, Serrano, Bell Peppers, Sugar pumpkin, Harvest Pumpkin, Better Boy and Prudens Purple tomatoes, Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomatoes, Red Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchinis, Basil, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage and more. All this in my new indoor mini green house! And I still have room for more! I am excited to keep the cats OUT of my seedlings! Last year they ate my whole first set of seedlings! Grrrr!

We are definitely ready for spring. Next nice day we have we might get out and plant some other seeds directly in the garden if we aren't too late for some of them. We have already planted Lincoln Peas and some bunching onions and yellow onions. But I only have one bed prepared so far. The other ones need a nice spring cleaning and a bit more compost to top them off.


  1. I don't know how you'll do it out there this year with all of the kids, but I do know that you'll HAVE to get out there to keep your sanity! Do you have a game plan?

  2. Two years ago, our cats ate some of my seedlings that were in the house. They just had to destroy them apparently! Good luck!

  3. I don't know Ribbit! Surely it can't be any worse than last season when I was preganant and could barely do anything! Guess we'll just see how it goes!

    EG I bet you have to do a lot to keep Jude out of the garden as well...I know my mom has to keep hers all fenced up to keep the dogs out of it! Jude and Jada could be great friends! (she is a part German Shepard part Alaskan wolf!)