Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teaching my kids to get their hands dirty!

I am one of THOSE mothers...you know, the ones that never let their kids get dirty! Ha, except when I am trying to teach them to garden. Odd huh? I just don't like big messes, and like to keep things looking new. Well, it was not as easy as you may think, trying to get my kids to get their hands in the dirt. They kept wanting to wash their hands. And I couldn't even get Daisy to use her hands, she was set on using a spoon! But we still got the job done!
The seedlings are doing quite well, so we had to transplant some of them into a bit larger pots. 1. just so we could use the cell packs for more seeds, and 2. because some of the seedlings were getting quite big for the little packs.

We have several more weeks to wait to plant them outside, so I hope they do well. But I know I am gonna need more lights already. These are gonna fill up my plant stand before long.
We also planted some bulbs in some pots...we wanted to get them growing well before putting them in the yard so daddy didn't mow them down, depending on where we decide to put them.

For seeds today, we planted some more Veggie  Tales seeds, Rutger Tomatoes. Don't know anything about these, so we will see how they turn out. We also planted some more Prudens Purple Tomatoes for our neighbor lady. She wanted some Heirloom tomatoes and I told her I would start her some seedlings. We often offer her some of our fresh produce, she never turns down free food! And it feels nice to be helpful!

Oh and yesterday, Jacob and I planted some more Peas, some Lettuce, Spinach, carrots and Chard out in the garden beds. Some of the Lincoln peas have already begun to peak out of the dirt that we planted a few days ago!
And we have a new addition to the neighbors house...a Dalmation named Sarge. He is quite the cute little puppy, but puppy he is! He tore up one of my insect covers that I layed over one of my beds! Not so happy about that, so we will have to come up with a solution. For now I put a piece of board up against the fence to keep his little paws OUT! We'll probably get some chicken wire and hope that we don't get in trouble for breaking home owner rules!


  1. I'm the same exact way with messes, and with garden dirt! LOL One less thing that needs cleaning or wiping makes my day that much easier. But, giirrll, you were brave to do the potting inside!!!

    Good idea to start your bulbs indoors. I wish I'd done that with my ranunculus out front. They're gone because of mowing...

  2. I grew Rutgers last year, and liked them well enough to grow them again this year.

    Our neighbor's new puppy runs thorough my garden beds every time someone opens the gate, and Annie has discovered the newly planted lettuce bed is warm to lie on in the sunshine.

  3. Good to know granny! Hope they are good for salsa!

    Ha, puppies! Uhg! Those animals sure know how to make a mess don't they! Hope your lettuce survives!