Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kid chef hat, apron and skirt

Not a lot has been happening in the garden lately, but creative projects have not been lacking around here. Maybe a few posts back you remember seeing a boys chef hat and apron I made. Recently I have been working on another chef hat and apron for my niece for Christmas. And my daughter wanted a Christmas skirt. She also tried her foot at sewing a strait seem or two.
We had a bunch of left over Christmas material from several Christmas' ago. Last year we crafted this t-shirt. We put elastic in the sleeves and waist and put bows on the sleeves and uses some Christmas fabric to make a Christmas Tree with a ribbon at the top. Yesterday we decided to make a skirt with more of the left over fabric. She loved it so much she doesn't want to take it off.

And this is the most recent Child's Chef hat and apron I made. I thought it turned out even better than the last. Practice makes perfect (or better anyway)! I think that my 4 year old niece will absolutely love it! I hope!


  1. Your neice will love it and especially if her mommy bakes or cooks with her! Nice skirt to make your little girl Christmas happy! Nancy

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