Friday, November 9, 2012

Child's Apron and Chef's hat

While the garden has not been producing much these days, we have had a chance to use some of our frozen reserves!
I recently bought this set at Target for the kids, there is only one. My dd has taken claim to it and I thought maybe it did look a bit girly so I decided I would get to working making one one for ds.

DD has made some pumpkin gingerbread with me in her new little bunt pan. It lasted about a minute! We love this pumpkin gingerbread recipe we found on, it is one of our favorites.

Well, here is my work. An apron and Chef's hat with little airplanes on it. He loved it and wanted to make something right away. And when I say right away, I mean the boy was downright impatient! ( I needed to clean up the kitchen first!)

So, here he is helping me make pumpkin cranberry bread. He really likes it but I think the Pumpkin gingerbread is better, and the cranberry nut bread recipe on the back of the cranberry package! Can you tell we like pumpkin around here? ;)

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  1. Hi! Good job on sewing your son's chef outfit!! They both look so cute in their outfits! I think it is great that you are baking with your kids. Wonderful memories for you and them! Nancy