Monday, October 22, 2012

Tiny Harvest Monday

It's Harvest Monday at Daphne's Dandelions where I am sure many of us are hoping we can keep our harvests going well into the winter months or at the very least, late fall!

 My harvest is super small this week but I hope that some of my cooler weather veggies will be harvest-able, and pick up before super cold temps set in!
I am still getting a small amount of raspberries which we are berry happy for! ;)

The snap peas are picking up a tiny bit. The cooler weather is doing them good. I wish they were showing signs of greater production though. I probably have almost 24 plants out there (that is what I started with), and this is all I have to show for it, small handfuls of peas that disappear very quickly! And, the very last bean! The plants have been pulled and this was the only one left. I can barely get to the strawberries before something else gets to them. I see one looking nice and almost ready and the next day, it's gone! Or has a giant slug hole in it! Eh, they will be done soon anyway. I'll work harder to keep the pests away next year!
This week is my youngest son's birthday. He will be 3. Good grief! The days sometimes seem to drag on forever but the years are just flying by in a flash of the eye! I will be making his cake again, though I will probably not beat, ever, last years treasure chest cake. The treasure chest post gets the most hits of any post on this blog. It is very popular. This years theme is Mickey Mouse. He is also Mickey Mouse for Halloween, as you may have seen last week. He will be sporting his costume for his party.
I will definitely post a picture of him and the cake later this weekend.


  1. We are still getting fall raspberries too and I just love them. Wish we had those cherry tomatoes of yours though... they look quite tasty. Happy Birthday to your little one.

  2. Even if it is a bit small, I really love Your harvest! Oh, I wish I had a sort of autumn-producing raspberries! Must get some! Sounds lovely with a son that turns 3! Mu youngest is now 13 and I don´t know where the Years went! Have a really happy week with the birthday, the cake and everything! :) Mia

  3. Hi Shawn Ann, Maybe I could trade some of my lettuce for some of your veggies! lol Next year I need to work at keeping more things growing longer. You are doing well with your fall harvest! Nancy

  4. My son turns 3 next week - on Halloween no less, its gone really quickly for me I have to say. Fortunately he has requested a "square blue cake" and is very definite about it. A square blue cake is definitely something I can manage so I am very pleased with his selection.