Monday, October 1, 2012

Harvest Monday 10/1

Welcome to Harvest Monday hosted by Daphne's Dandelions
Found a couple more Kennebec potatoes, as soon as I pull the other plants out of that tub I am going to dump it to see if there are more. Lots of cherry tomatoes coming in still. And a few raspberries.

Bell peppers seem to be turning red at a smaller size. Guess they know the cold is coming.

I don't know, but this may be the last Zucchini for the season, they seem to be taking weeks for one to mature in this cooler weather. It took this small one about 3 weeks to get to this size. The Sugar Magnolia Sugar Snap peas seem to be picking up just a tad.

There is one more Great White, the one with the stem. It is not very big, it is from another plant that has had a lot of difficulties this season and this is the first tomato it has given me.

The first Pac Choi of the season! Can't wait to enjoy that.

And this is my solution to curing the sweet potatoes. It seems to be doing quite well. I blocked off the bottom with Styrofoam so the heat and humidity would not escape and I have a heat lamp and large tub of water and they look like they are healing up quite nicely!
Happy Harvesting!


  1. What a beautiful Pac Choi! I'm envying all those tomatoes too. Mine are about done.

  2. A clever and creative way to cure the sweet potatoes.

  3. Interesting that your zucchini are resenting the cooler weather, mine have not minded an entire "summer" of cool weather. Great solution to your sweet potato curing dilemma.

  4. Hi Shawn Ann, Nice Harvest this week. Wonder what we will all have next week! My cherry tomatoes are loaded but just not ripening. May have to bring them in to shelter if the frost comes first. Nancy

  5. Our expectations of crops are funny aren't they - we happily wait 9 months for garlic (or at least I do) but 3 weeks for a zucchini seems ridiculously long.

  6. Very nice harvests! Interesting way to cure sweet potatoes. I will need to make note of this for next year in case I decide to grow them.

  7. Clever Girl! That set up to cure the sweet potatoes should nicely do the trick. Could your peppers send a message to mine to get their act together and start ripening up? :D