Friday, September 14, 2012

Plans for rearranging the garden

I have been working hard on plans for next years garden with a lot of work ahead of us this winter.
This is my computer layout. I plan to change four 4X4's into two 4X8's and move two 4X8s to the left and extend the in ground bed on the left all the way to the fence by the house. That would be 4X32'. The in ground bed and two 4X8s this year extended back toward the shed but their are too many trees back there and I need more sun! So the swing set has been moved to prepare for the rearrangement. (see side photos)
This is what the gardens looks like now, the two 4X8s at the back right are going to be moved up to the front left into an L shape. The 4X4's in the center will be turned into 12" deep 4X8's and another 4X8 will go along the fence behind them instead of the 2X4.

These 4X4's will be moved out into the back for vining squash and so forth since there is a lot of room back there and it is just weeds right now. We may have to do a little tree trimming though to get good sun.

The 4X4's will go back by where the pool is. We plan to rota-til this area and make it nicer and more level and try too level out the ditch and get sod in there before it erodes away again.

This is my work in progress. The brown outlined boxes are raised and the reddish is a brick lined in-ground bed.
Can't wait to get started for next year already!


  1. Nice start on planning next year! I need to start working on mine! Nancy

  2. I do wish I had the space for more beds - your plans look great and highly organised. I still don't know where I'm putting what for this summer let alone next year.