Monday, September 17, 2012

Harvest Monday 9/17

Join fellow gardeners in sharing our harvests each Monday at Daphne's Dandelions! It is lots of fun seeing how others are doing in their gardens and what they are growing!

One day this week I put the raspberries on the table in this leftover plastic container from the store and my almost 3 year old son had a gigantic fit yelling, "I want the raspberries from your garden! I don't want raspberries from the store!" Melts a garden mommy's heart! I also picked another Great White tomato, though not as big as the first still good size!

I have just a few Sugar Magnolia Purple snap peas. They are quite small, I hope they get bigger and I hope that production picks up. I plan to put the pop up green house over this bed to try to keep them going as long as possible!

My first 2 Black Krims of the season. I have a lot of difficulty with this particular plant. Last year and this year it just seems to want to keep dying and not producing much. I have been cutting off lots of dead branches, they aren't turning yellow or getting spots, just plain dying. Same thing last year, I thought it was cause they were too crowded, but this one is all by itself!
Several days ago, Michelle from Seed to Table challenged us to show our refrigerators. I took pictures and never got around to it, so I will add them  here. I wish I was as organized as some of you, but I am not!
Not sure my fridge looks like a gardener's fridge, though there is a giant bowl of garden fresh salsa and a big bowl of garden fresh bruschetta and a bag of beans in the drawer. There might be a small baggy of peppers and carrots around in there somewhere, but they get eaten pretty quick. The bottom of the door though is filled with vegetable seeds!

This is where most of my garden stuff is, in the deep freezer. Tomatoes, squash, corn, chard, spinach, pumpkin, beans, kale, etc.


  1. What a pretty rainbow of harvests! And fun to see other's fridges, like peeking into someone else's medicine cabinet!

  2. Hi! I have to agree that you have a pretty rainbow of harvests! Right now I would not want anyone to see my refrigerator! Good job teaching your son homegrown is best! Nancy

  3. Fantastic harvest, and little on is right on the spot about berries from the garden. He's learning fast!

    ps. any chance of deactivating that word verification?

  4. Smart boy, he already knows that home grown is better than store bought! :) I wish I could find a spot for my raspberry plants where the critters won't munch them, the very few berries that I get are sooo good.

    Thanks for participating in the refrigerator post! It is fun to take a peek. Your fridge is so nice and neat and amazingly not too packed for a gardener. Lots of good stuff in that freezer though.

  5. Oh, those raspberries! I wish I'd planted everbearing instead of summer bearing. I just didn't get my fill of them this year! the rest of your harvest looks so nice, and doesn't it feel good to have the freezer filled!

  6. I had problems with Black Krim last year too - it seemed healthy enough bbut hardly set any fruit at all. I was advised to try a different source of seed - this I have done so it will interesting to see how this years plant get on.

  7. I envy your deep freezer! Almost 7 years of living in this house and we still aren't quite sure if we should get a freezer or not. A large part of the hemming and hawing is because I have never quite grown enough to warrant one, but then I see pics like yours and reason that I could always fill it with other things like foods purchased in bulk.

    I always had rotten luck with Black Krim's and gave up on them entirely. It's nice that you got a couple of them though.

  8. It's both good and bad when they don't want anything but the garden goodies. :-D

  9. Your Little One already knows the difference between home grown and store bought...absolutely priceless! Congrats on another week of wonderful totals and home grown goodness!