Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Planting 2012

I have decided I want more blueberry bushes! This bed, even though looks pretty in this photo from 2 years ago, has been getting pretty overgrown and just weedy looking. So, I am transplanting everything to make room for blueberries!

I transplanted all the lilies up by the wall and lined up the Achillea. I moved one Achillea to the other end of the deck. This bed has been amended for acid loving blueberries and is now waiting for fall when I should wait to plant them according to the UK coop. ext.
This bed has been recently cleared of corn, rota-tilled and amended.  Here, the cauliflower starts have been planted. Still a bit small, I roped them off to keep the kids from stepping on them. Along the fence I put in stakes and strung up a bunch of twine for peas to Climb. This NE side has Super sugar and sugar snap peas, if the birds don't eat them!
 This SW side is where the first corn was cleared out. There are 2 Black Beauty Zucchini that were placed between stepping stones still there. But it has been planted with broccoli on the end closest to you and cabbage on the far end. Along the fence Lincoln peas have been planted around the first 6 stakes and Alaskan peas along the next 6 stakes.

 A close up.

Other seeds that have been planted around the garden are lettuce, spinach, carrots, onion, pak choi and Rainbow Chard. Some of it may be a bit late, but I figure if we have a late warm fall, why not try! But I hope to get enough things to freeze for winter use.


  1. Wow! Lucky you to have so many things done for fall already. I was just thinking today that it feels like fall here. Nancy

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