Friday, August 31, 2012

August disappointments and hopefuls

We'll start with a hopeful. The sweet potatoes are blossoming. They are very pretty. Not a lot of them, but some. We will see how the sweet potatoes do around the garden, I have them scattered all around and they are taking over. Even climbing the tomato cages and the fence between our yard and the neighbors.

This was a very disappointing find. Some critter needed a meal I guess.

And, watermelon end rot I guess.

And the third one as well. All that is left are a few small ones starting off. Don't know that there will be time for those to ripen, I guess we will see. Sad.

And we will end with a hopeful! So far this summer all I have gotten are cherry tomatoes and Early Girls, so I am very excited that this Cherokee Purple is almost ready! And a Brandywine appears to be getting slightly pink too! I check it every day with such high anticipation! I love to show off those monsters! I have already been showing it to neighbors and they are impressed.
We have some new neighbors, and their son is in my daughters first grade class. But they have enjoyed checking out my garden and can't wait to get one started next year! They have expressed their desire for my help and of course I am totally into helping people start a garden! Love encouraging people to start gardens! And I am always up for showing mine off! ;)


  1. How neat that your neighbor wants you to help her start a garden next year! Great on the sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Hope they continue to do well. Sorry about the watermelon tho! Nancy

  2. Man, I am sorry about your watermelons. I hope they don't get your tomatoes. That sure is a pretty Cherokee Purple.