Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/6

This week, peas, strawberries, chard, lettuce, kale and PIZZA!
These WERE some yummy strawberries. They of course did not last long, as it usually goes with strawberries!

The first Chard, "peanut" buttercrunch lettuce, and Red Russian Kale were picked of the season. There is still plenty more in the garden. We will be having a lot of salads soon! And I plan to try making kale chips!

DD enjoying her "peanut" buttercrunch lettuce. She does like her raw greens!

DS and I made a wonderful pizza with the chard as well as some baby portabello mushrooms and fresh mozzarella! It was good enough for them to want seconds and even thirds. Wish the pic turned out better for ya!
Other news in the garden, I have quite a bit of corn growing despite whatever is attacking. I still am not entirely sure if is cutworms or maybe birds, even though I have not seen any birds over there. So, I covered it with bird net. Figure it couldn't hurt and I will need the net for the raspberries soon enough! I have planted the beans and winter squash among the corn and along the fence and it will soon begin to fill in with the corn! I also put cucumbers in between each corn bed along the fence! I may have to go over to the neighbors yard to collect! And just when I have my garden planted, they once again have a new puppy! Thankfully, this one so far likes to stay close to their patio and is much smaller so maybe it won't tear up anything it can get to through my fence! (lost quite a few pumpkin vines to the puppy they had last year! And the one and only carving pumpkin I had, he thought was a ball and ripped it right off the vine!)

Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions to check out some more harvests!
Happy Harvesting!

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  1. I hope you get a nice sedate puppy. I don't grow anything on my neighbor's fence. He sprays herbicides on his side so I try to keep away from it. Though he hasn't this year yet. He also hates the mess of plants. He has mostly paved over his yard. Well his mother's yard. I don't see her much as she has trouble getting down the stairs.