Sunday, June 26, 2011

Am I the only one...

who likes to stare out my window at the garden in eager anticipation as if my garden is going to magically produce a great harvest right before my eyes?

View from the window
 Let's take a look at a few things in the June garden.
The corn bed that suffered the most from critters, cutworms, birds, maybe both. Compare to the bed planted a few days later below.
The corn is growing much taller here. This is the bed directly behind the playset. There are squash and beans planted among all the beds of corn. There are 4 small beds.
A view from behind the playset. The popup hides a lot.
In March, my kids and I went tadpole hunting in the nature preserve and brought home a bucket full of them. We fed them cooked lettuce a couple of times, and kept them in clean pond or rain water and they all disappeared over time! They either all jumped out or they ate each other! Ha!
Yep, here is one hiding next to my squash! Eat those squash bugs little toad! He really isn't so little. He is quite a large bugger! Bigger than my fist I think. I am very happy to see him hanging around. I hope I don't scare him too much.

There were a couple of others but I kept scaring them to the point that I no longer saw them hanging around. Maybe they just found a good hiding space!


  1. I do the exact same thing, staring out the window! I look in the morning, in the afternoon, and sometimes even at night even though I can hardly see anything but shadows. :-) I do this even if I just came in from the garden less than an hour ago. You just never know what you might be missing out on if you're not looking. Ha. Usually, all I see are robins trying to eat something in my garden beds, so I knock on the window to scare them away, at least for the time being. :)

  2. Cool toad! I find myself cheering the garden on. Now that it's almost done for the summer I find myself singing dirges.

  3. I tend to glance out the windows at the garden often as well. Usually with a mixture of anticipation and pride. K bought me some solar lights for my b-day and I placed them in them in the garden.

    That toad looks very well fed. I love having garden helpers.

  4. Solar lights for the garden! That sounds like an awesome idea!