Monday, December 20, 2010

DDC Week 3-Bison Burger

This is where our dinner came from this week! Kentucky Bison Co. The farm is right down the road from us. We don't usually get to see the bison out, they are often over the hill or somewhere unseen. But as we were driving home from church yesterday, they were out in the field closest to the road and I got a few good pictures! They are pretty neat to show the kids too.

 Here are my ingredients for dinner. Lettuce and canned tomatoes, and dried ground hot peppers from my garden, fresh tomato from Conrad Hambley farms, Garlic from Field Day family farm, Honey and potatoes from Byrnside Orchard. Cheese from Cloverdale Creamery at Stone Cross Farm. And the Bison, from Kentucky Bison Co
 I used my canned tomatoes to make some ketchup. I added the honey, apple cider vinegar, some of my dried ground pepper and the garlic, pureed and simmered it. Turned out good, but not really like ketchup. Dh said it tasted more like a bbq sauce. Ahh, worth a try. It tasted good on the burger.
I also made the rolls and buns. I can get local flour but by the time I thought about it, I did not have time. They turned out good. I roasted the potatoes in the oven with olive oil, salt and Bourbon Smoked Pepper. And we grilled the burgers on the charcoal grill seasoned with the Bourbon Smoked Pepper as well.
This meal was great as well. This was the first time I have tried the KY Bison. Dh gets it at the 'local' restaurant down the road when we eat there, and I knew he liked it. Turns out I did too. I was afraid it was going to have kind of a wild flavor, but it didn't. It tasted slightly different than beef and is said to have much less fat than beef. This meal was a thumbs up for me! It wasn't as successful for the kids this week though! They find the pepper a bit spicy. They did eat most of it though, even though not too willingly! But hey, their 4, we can't expect anything less!

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