Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays Harvest 7/19

I have had a pretty good harvest this week. We even picked the big zucchini which isn’t any bigger than the other one but it just didn’t look like it was growing anymore. I was thinking about getting seeds out of it if I figure out how to save zucchini seed. I assume it is from a large one like this.

Pictured here is the large zucchini, sebring zucchini, Juliet tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and a pink girl tomato.


Eli really enjoys playing with these big ole zucchini. He gets a pretty big grin on his face when I give it to him. And then I have to wait for him to toss it aside and forget about it before I can snatch it up and put it out of reach. It’s all in good fun. Oh and he is crawling now!!! And getting his first teeth to munch on those yummy fresh from the garden veggies!


Pictured here is a whole bunch more beans, juliet tomatoes,  a bit of basil, 8 ball zucchini, black beauty zucchini, carrots including a cosmic purple, cherry tomatoes, and probably a pink girl.


Here I have some lemon cucumbers, American Genuine Cucumbers, beans, Juliet, cherry, Rutgers, and Pink Girl tomatoes, and a black beauty zucchini.


Here I have black beauty zucchini, beans, juliet, cherry, and pink girl tomatoes and a lemon cucumber.


Our first ever sunflower bloomed this week. There are two more right behind it! Thinking about getting seeds from it to eat, but I must learn about that first!


In other gardening this week, every bit of squash and pumpkins is showing terrible signs of SVB damage. I hope the pumpkins can hold on until they turn color! This one looks like it might turn soon and it is the largest one. It is a sugar pumpkin. There are 2 or 3 more of them.


The zucchini have been very good to us this year giving us over 40 summer squash! But sadly, they just looked terrible from the SVBs and just weren’t producing much more. I have 2 left that each have a zucchini on them and as soon as they are done I will be pulling them! I am gonna burn all these buggers! I don’t feel like going thru and digging out SVB’s out of each and every one to make sure they are all dead! So they will burn!


Oh, if only the picture were good enough to show how many and how pretty all these little Habaneros look! I just wish they would turn orange already! Man they take a long time! The tomatoes are waiting! These Habaneros are the ones I planted from seed and the plant is full. The other plant that I bought is back in the corner garden that gets a bit of shade. It has some Habaneros on it that have been there even longer than these, but there are not as many.


I am going to make and can some of my salsa for the first time this year. I think I am going to make Hot, Hotter, and Hottest! No mild stuff around here! Dh is very excited that I am going to try to make some Habanero/Peach salsa! Just waiting on those peppers to get ripe!

Harvest totals 2010

Lemon Cucumber 4ea
American Genuine Slicing Cucumber 6 ea
Oregano 1 baggie dried
Spicy Bush Basil/reg basil 5 baggie dried
Sebring Zucchini 5 ea
8 Ball Zucchini 12 ea
Beans all together 17 quarts
Lettuce (a mixed pckg) 2-4 lbs
Bright Lights Chard 8 bunches

Cabbage (a mixed pckg) 4 ea
Evergreen Bunching Onion (a few cuttings off the top)
Broccoli 4 heads
Juliet Hybrid Grape Tomatoes 79ea
Cosmic Purple Carrot 4ea
Strawberries 2ea
German Johnson Tomato 3ea
Pink Girl Tomato 19 ea
Lincoln Peas 2 cups 1/4 C
Black Beauty Zucchini 20 including the monsters
Red Cherry Tomato 57 ea
Purple Beauty Bell 1 ea

Rutgers Tomato 2
Sweet Treat Hybrid Carrot or Petite 'n Sweet Carrot 15

Hope everyone is having a great Harvest Monday, check out Daphne’s Dandelions for more weekly harvest updates!


  1. Very good harvest! I think it's cute when you photo the little one with the big zuccini squash. He'll be so proud of these pictures when he's older. Hehe...

  2. Thanks EG! He will probably get all excited about trying to grow big vegetables in the garden! The other one already wants to grow all our veg plants "as big as a tree!" LOL.

  3. WOW! You've really been getting a lot of veggies! Maybe Eli will be a famous baseball player some day. He looks like he's practicing holding a bat ;-)

  4. That zuke is hillarious - love the photos!

  5. That's a nice looking harvest. I like the baby meets zucchini. I believe I Have a couple squash versus kid picture in the albums. To save zuke seeds, you'll need to let it ripen into a 'marrow' or a giant, yellowish, harder skinned version of a zucchinni. When it is really ripe, you'll recognize the seeds inside when you cut it open.

    As for SVB, have you tried burying nodes on the stem that the pumpkin is attached to encourage rooting? You have probably read about this, but the solid stemmed butternuts are supposed to be resistant. They make great pies and some C. moschata are Jack-o-lantern shaped though I would have trouble carving one of those delicious things with a face.

  6. I just love your zucchini pictures with your baby! It's a really nice comparison, not to mention that your baby is just stinkin' cute. The rest of your harvest also looks great!

  7. Thanks for the tips Ottawa! I will remember them! I think the only reason some of those pumpkins are hanging on is because some of the shoots have rooted into the ground but I have not covered them up to encourage more root growth. Maybe I will do that! I think next year we are just gonna cover those babies! It isn't like I need a lot of pumpkins, just one for each kid! Surely I could self pollinate 3 of them!
    Thanks thyme2garden! I think he is pretty cute too, but I am the mommy, of course I think that!