Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Could I have missed this monster!

For the past several days I have been going out thinking my zucchini plants have had their day. They just didn't seem to be producing much anymore. Then, I saw this monster! I have no idea how I could have missed it, it was right on the edge of the box!

Both kids had to have their turn to hold the monster! Daisy was a little scared of it at first, until Jacob held it! And the first words out of their mouths..."do we get to make cupcakes with this zucchini?" I'm thinking yes, why not!

Yes, this baby is more than a foot! 

And here is the other one for the day. The 8 ball.
This was yesterdays pickins from the garden. I could barely get a picture of this strawberry. Daisy kept trying to steel it! Stinker! She could hardly contain herself. And yes, this is the only good strawberry we have gotten this season. I had several in May that looked good but they were rotten on the bottom from touching the mulch and bugs. Need a new situation for the strawberries that is for sure! But this one sure is pretty. He wasn't touching the mulch! There were some pretty large beans in there too.


  1. Very cool!!! I've missed two zucchini like that. THey get so dark that they blend into the background. The girl took one of the monsters and ran away with it and before I knew it, she had it in her stroller and was rocking it like her baby. Tell me again why I bought a baby doll for her?

    I'm so glad they like those cupcakes! Mine do, too. I don't know if all of the vitamins are cooked out or counter balanced by the butter and chocolate, but it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

  2. Holy friggin zucchini! That is huge!!! You should take a pic of it next to the baby... Zucchini cupcakes sound yummy. I wouldn't be able to tell the 8yo what's in them though...

  3. OOHHH, chocolate IS good for you, it is I tell you!
    I wish I would have thought about taking a pic of it next to the baby! Too late now. Half is already in a cake! Yes, only half!

  4. Ha! The kids' eyes in those pictures are absolutely priceless! How very cute. And I totally vote for cupcakes too! Any way to get children to eat zucchini is okay in my opinion.