Monday, September 16, 2013

Harvest Monday 9/16/13

It has been quite busy since school has started. My twins are running Cross Country and practicing three nights a week and long race days on Saturdays! It is lots of fun, but it is busy, busy! And I am so proud of them too!  They keep improving their mile each week. This week they each ran a mile and a 1/4,  one at 10 min 30 sec and the other at 11 min and 4 sec. They are in second grade so I think this is pretty impressive!
Needless to say, I have not been out to the garden as much...
But it is still going strong.

Happy Harvesting and Happy back to school!


  1. Look at your beautiful harvests! Very impressive especially now when you're so busy. Good for your twins running so well so young. Between that and those good veggies you must be raising a healthy crew!

  2. Great looking harvest again this week. Keep those kids active!!

  3. Your garden is producing nicely still. I'm impressed, 2nd graders doing cross country and doing so well!

  4. Great harvest yet from your garden! Busy times for you with the twins but the years go by so quickly! Enjoy! Nancy

  5. Great haul of tomatoes and peppers. Gardening is good but time spent with your kids is most important. Cross country for second graders is impressive!

  6. Wow, the twins are doing cross country, very impressive. Your garden is a good producer, lots of work ahead in preserving.

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