Friday, January 25, 2013

Very interesting article every gardener should read

I learned about this company through a fellow gardening friend. I had no idea about this big company and it's practices. Our local seed company here in Louisville is on the list of companies owned by this giant. If you have any interest in keeping GMO's out of your garden and staying away from companies trying to take over the entire seed business, you'll want to read this too.

Article below:

I am happy to say that most of my seeds come from Seed Companies on the list of companies not owned by Monsanto, as I am sure most of yours are too, since I get most of my ideas from my fellow garden bloggers.


  1. I ran some of this to keep for info. Thanks. Nancy

  2. Before you believe the article check the facts. While we all are not fans of Monsanto - we owe it to humanity to tell only the truth. Otherwise we all are bullies. Ask a seedsman - viewing Sarahs comments she definitely has no knowledge of the seed industry - you can not use other blogs as sources - this is bad journalism.