Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surprising harvest today

Today is the first time I have been to the garden in more than a week and was surprised to find all of this...3 slicing cucumbers, 4 lemon cucumbers, 3 Prudens purple tomatoes, a better boy, a few beans, and some Juliet tomatoes!

I hope I picked the lemon cucumbers at the right time...I have never grown these. We will see how they taste!

Catface Prudens Purple finally broke and just fell off the plant while I was gone, and was so full of bugs it is not edible at all! Ew Gross! Now he is UGLY!
I am not too sure I want to grow prudens purple again. It could be all the rain we have had, but they just seem to grow pretty ugly and cracked up and I have thrown several away and have not had one to eat yet! A lot of bugs too. Since I have seeds it might be worth a try one more year and see what happens.

There are a few more lemon cucumbers getting close.

My first Ambrosia melon, and even though I didn't see it while I was out there it kind of looks like there is another one in the corner of this pic! I'll have to check!

Is this a Pumpkin!!!!!!!!? I think so, only a sugar pumpkin, but it is the ONLY one I have so far!
Though the lone giant pumpkin plant is growing and still hanging on. It looks as though a little baby might be forming! It appears as though a little surgery and some BT is helping it! I cut a lot of worms out of that thing too!

GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go away SVB Moth!
This was found out in my corner garden on the sugar pumpkin plants out there. Those plants are stinkin big...they gotta be at least 20 feet, but not a single pumpkin on it! Wonder if it is getting enough sun.... or maybe not enough bees.
I think maybe some less diffucult veggies for the fall garden might be a good idea. Thanks Ribbit and Granny! I am thinking lettuce, chard, spinach? Are those good ones? I also have pea seeds, what about those? I am sure that Cauli, broc, and cabbage are pretty much out. Loopers are a pain! Any other suggestions?


  1. Nice harvest! That is definitely a baby pumpkin, because the stem is really thick. SVB's are such a pain! Although I'm not Granny or Ribbit, I can share my opinion of what to plant for a fall crop (if wanted). Lettuce would be #1 in my book, and radishes, carrots would be 2nd and third. Cabbage isn't possible, because the heads will never reach maturity. Broccoli will be close, and should be ok with the help of a hoop cover.

  2. Yes, I'd just have a little salad garden. Peas would be OK if you don't have to bend too far to pick them. Beets and their greens are nice and don't have a lot of pests.

    I don't get any help in my garden, either. Only a few times when my grandson comes over, he loves to help pick or dig crops. Mr. H wouldn't know what to do out there....he's never even been past the garden fence except once to help me put up some boards!